Walnut Creek Jazz Band
 April 14, 2013 
It Had Better Be Tonight 
featuring Mic Gillette of Tower of Power

 August 9, 2012 
Sing, Sing, Sing

 May 31, 2012 
Jumpin At the Woodside



Walnut Creek Jazz Band
 March 17, 2011 
Giant Steps

April in Paris


2009 Guitar Center Drum Off in Concord, CA
 October 8, 2009 
Video Production by Creatability LLC


Fog City Band
 July 4, 2016 
What is Hip?


Strange Relatives
1984 Detroit Techno/Alternative 

Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - keyboards/drums
Dan Boyd - bass, vocals
Gary Adams - guitar
Sarana VerLin - keyboards/vocals




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Jazzschool Ellen Seeling
 June 15, 2011 

The Jody Grind

A Night in Tunisia

Morgan the Pirate

Guataca City


Jazzschool Glen Richmond
 March  26. 2011 


Killer Joe

Night and Day

the Wooden Boogers
1997 Detroit delta nitro Viking funk
Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - drums
David Neil Cline - bass, guitar, vocals
Bruce Lehto -guitar

Vito the Mosquito
Aliens Who Predicted the Resurrection of Elvis
Mail Order Monkey

For Drummers

Snake Drum Solo 1997


1989 Fusion
Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - piano, guitar, drums

From Beyond


Snake and the Charmers
1992 Detroit techno dance 

Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - drums, keyboards, vocals
Linda Hegyi - vocals
Joe Hayden - bass, vocals
Gary Adams - guitar
Greasy Carlisi -guitar

Love Star
Here I Am
Party Store
Yum Yum


Dark Carnival
song by the Depressions (UK 1977)
1991 Detroit punk rock 
Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - vocals
Joe Hayden - bass, vocals
Gary Adams - guitar
Greasy Carlisi -guitar
Ron Cumbo - Drums

Handle With Care


1985 Detroit Alt rock 
Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - drums
Jamie Lula - Vocals
Gary Adams - guitar
Greasy Carlisi -guitar
Joe Hayden - bass, vocals
Chris Branch - Sax
Mike Merge - Keyboards

Parcel People 
Talk Dirty 


1976 Austin Fusion 
Jerry 'Snake' Bazil - drums
Rick Barden - keys, vocals
Jimmy Todd - guitar, vocals
Lee 'King Dill' Jackson - bass, vocals 
'Big George' Canterbury - keys, vocals 
Jeff Sharpe - engineer

On the Meaning of Past 

(drum solo)



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